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Quin Knight

About Me

I am a NodeJS developer with 11 years of coding experience.

I started in 2009 with HTML and CSS, making simple static web pages and expanding my knowledge over time. Around 2010/2011, I started to learn how to use JavaScript to create dynamic web apps. During this time I also learned a version of BASIC so I could program games for my 3DS, using a DSi app called Petit Computer. In 2015 I found NodeJS, and started using it to create some basic bots for various chat platforms.

My goal with coding is to help others. I enjoy being able to create something that other people can use to make their lives easier. I take criticism well, and use suggestions to improve the product. The wants and/or needs of the userbase are always my priority, because without a supportive userbase, the product has no real purpose.

Over the last few years, my knowledge and experience with NodeJS have expanded, as has my main project, which currently has nearly one million users. I am fluent in using JavaScript and JSON within the Node environment, as well as all the features of ES11. I also have a solid understanding of HTML and CSS, and am able to work with web apps or other browser-based environments.

Space Shooter

About: This is a retro style space shooter I made using Petit Computer on my 3DS. The code is a disaster and full of redundancy and bad practices, but this was my first big project, as well as my first actually enjoyable game.

Language: SmileBASIC

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Party Lighting

About: This is a simple web app to emulate the various features of a programmable LED strip, because I wanted to have mood lighting but couldn't afford an LED strip. Some of the settings are good for partying, so that's where it got its name.

Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

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Indent Remover

About: This is a basic web app designed to remove excess whitespace from the input text. I created this in order to make it easier to share code on Discord, as they impose a maximum of 2000 characters per message, and whitespace can easily take up 100+ characters, depending on the snippet you're sharing.

Languages: HTML, JavaScript

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About: HaileyBot is a multipurpose quality-of-life bot for Discord, adding many useful and fun commands to the popular chat platform. Started 3 years ago, it now has nearly 1 million users, making it my largest project so far, and the one that I'm the most proud of.

Languages: NodeJS, JSON, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

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About: This is a JavaScript function designed to turn multiple different datatypes into strings that can be saved to files, then later restored using eval().

Language: JavaScript

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Discord SSH Bot

About: This is a small project I did one day to help introduce a young programmer to GitHub, as well as to teach them some of the core concepts of NodeJS in the form of an application that they were actually interested in using.

Languages: NodeJS, JSON, Batch

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Captcha Generator

About: Captcha Generator is a Node library I created for quickly and easily generating captcha images that can be used through an authorized bot to verify human users on a chat platform such as Slack or Discord.

Language: NodeJS

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About: BitJanitor is a PC Cleanup Utility I'm creating. The purpose of this software is to free up hard drive space on your PC. It's currently in the early alpha stage of development and only available for Windows, but once a full release is ready, it'll be available for every platform, including all popular distributions of Linux.

Languages: NodeJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NSIS

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Meme Downloader

About: This is a project I worked on with some of my friends. The purpose of this software is to automatically search reddit for memes, then download them into a folder. The program continues to run until the hard drive is full, or until it gets stopped by the user.

Languages: NodeJS, Batch

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